Welcome To: Kinnect EDU (Unit 1)

What does KineticPro offer? 

KineticPro over the last 4 years has worked to develop solutions to many different aspects surrounding player development. During this period though we have become most known for our training facility located in Tampa Florida. Haven't heard of us? That's probably because we don't market the facility and we don't promote the names of the athletes that train with us. Call us crazy but we like it this way.

We have been lucky enough to have many of the games top arms train within the walls of our our facility over the years. These athletes come to us based off of word of mouth and in search of solutions they might not be receiving in their career. In this course we will be covering the depth of many of these solutions and we will help you learn how to strategically implement them into your daily routine. 


Our Products


  • Kinnect EDU

For nearly 3 years we had plans to release a mobile app that would be the hub for everything training. Our goal was to develop software and reach athletes around the world with a scalable player development system. Today that app is called "Kinnect" by KineticPro. As we continued to grow our knowledge, our resources and our process around "Kinnect" we detailed our approaches. We recognized as we released our app we would need to elaborate on how users can take our detailed process, educate themselves on the process and then apply it to their daily routines. Thus Kinnect Edu was born. Kinnect EDU is the education on how to properly utilize some of the games top strategies via the Kinnect App. 


  • The Kinnect App

The Kinnect App is the hub for everything KineticPro. This is our system delivered to you right in the palm of your hand daily. Connecting with some of the games top technology the Kinnect app brings to you what to do and what you've done in a simple to use interface. This app changes the game giving you the opportunity to work with KineticPro anywhere and at anytime. Kinnect is available for both iPhone and Android devices. 

Note: Kinnect is in its beta stages and set to release spring 2022. Questions on Kinnect? Contact us Support@KineticProBaseball.com


  • KP Bands

We have built the games first fully dynamic resistance band training protocol. With individualize daily training KP Bands are able to help you with your specific shoulder needs. KP Bands operate through the Kinnect app to offer you an objective approach daily. Stay healthy and stay ahead with this innovative technology from KineticPro. 

Purchase KP Bands today! 


  • The KP Sleeve

Ever wondered how much you should be throwing? Wanted to know how many innings you should throw in the upcoming game? Ever needed a plan to return to season form? Mange and monitor all of your throwing daily with the KP Sleeve. The KP Sleeve connects to the Kinnect app offering deeper insights and answering advanced questions about how you can properly approach your daily throwing. Mitigate fatigue, optimize performance, win with the KP Sleeve.


  • KP Biomechanics

Powered by ProPlayAI, "KP Biomechanics", provides athletes detailed biomechanics analysis via the Kinnect App. From your phone you can simply record and receive your biomechanics analysis daily. 


Our Training Services


  • Unlimited Training At KineticPro

Unlimited ProgramThe KineticPro Unlimited Program is a training package offered in facility. This includes 1 full month of lifting and throwing. Athletes can come in daily around KineticPro operating hours to get the most out of their training. Each throwing session is 1 hour and each lifting session is 1 hour.


  • Remote Training With KineticPro

Full RemoteThe KineticPro Full Remote Program is a package offered to athletes who cannot train in facility with us. Remote training has been developed and is presented to players in any location with advanced coaching communications. From the data template configuration to the presentation of educational documents our staff is able to stay in communication and in oversee all training from a distance. Remote training is developed for a full month of both lifting and throwing.


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