Unit 9 – Application Part 2. (Dynamic Throwing)

To start our workload workflow we need to first determine an athletes Chronic WL. If you need a refresh on Chronic WL we recommend going back in the module to review the Chronic WL unit. Chronic WL gages an athletes fitness level. This provides us a space to initiate a program fit for your athletes individual fitness level.

Once you have determined your athletes Chronic WL the next step is to enter it into our Dynamic Throwing Program. In the above image you will see an arrow pointing to the “Chronic WL” box where you can type a Chronic WL number. Changing this number will dynamically change your Seasonal WL Model to match the intended Chronic WL level of your athlete.

Motus Tip: for a new athlete getting started with a Motus sleeve we recommend they manually input the last 30 days of throwing through their app to approximate their prior workload. If you as a coach have a Motus Dash you can go in and see their Chronic WL to get an idea of an approximate starting point for your athletes throwing progression.

Step 2- Build 1 Day WL Seasonal WL Model

Once we have established our Chronic WL the next step is to determine a seasonal model. The purpose of this step is to determine the progression of intensity and establish the long term projection of 1 day workloads. In the “Role” section of our Dynamic Throwing Program you simply will type “Starter” or “Reliever”. Doing this will establish higher peak 1 day workload progressions for starters once approximately every 7 days and establish higher peak 1 day workloads more often to mimic multiple high intensity days weekly.

Once you have selected your role you can also select a program type. In the “Program Type” box. Program type section is broken down between an A program and B program. This provides you options of progression to optimally mirror more closely progression to in season stimulus.

Motus Tip: often times during a throwing progression a day or days are missed. Motus provides the metrics to allow you to determine if you have stayed on track with your projected model or if you are getting ahead/ behind in your projection. Guys who move too quickly ahead of the model suffer risk of becoming fatigued and guys who fall behind suffer risk of not reaching the needed Chronic WL to be in season ready thus ultimately placing them at risk of exposure to fatigue once season begins. It is Important to check daily both the progression built here and the current tracked metrics provided by the Motus Sleeve.

Step 3- Choose Todays Throwing Day Type

Once we have built our seasonal model the next step is to execute todays throwing. To do this we first select todays recommended 1 day workload from our seasonal progression model (the green bar that represents your throwing today). Next we take that 1 day workload value and type it into our “Daily Throwing” calculator. On the image above you see a green number 12. To change the calculator you simply erase this 12 (or the number on your program in the “Select Daily WL” box) and type in your 1 day workload value. The calculator will change to show you multiple throwing options.

Once you have your throwing options available you simply select a throwing day type (any single column in the “Daily Throwing” calculator). Each of these throwing days are projected to equate to your 1 day workload value. It is important to remember days such as a “Pen” day are built around higher intensity and lower volume where days such as “Recovery” are built around higher volume and lower intensity. Choosing when to progress intensity is up to you but we do typically recommend you observe a 48 hour window of recovery between high intensity days of throwing.

Sometimes coaches or players have an idea how they would like to break up their day differently in structure than what we provide under their 1 day workload allotment. For this we built a “Custom WL Calc” where you can manually create your own throwing day type. It is important that you input the specific height (in inches) and weight (in lbs) for your athlete to assure projected calculations are accurate. This “Custom WL Calc” offers a more accurate option as well as flexibility to those coaches or players looking to develop their own 1 day workload progression.

Motus Tip: when using the “Daily Throwing” calculator with projected throwing days it is important to occasionally update throws during your session to determine the progression to your 1 day workload value. Due to this program being projected off of average torque values across the throwing population some athletes will get to their 1 day workload allotment quicker or slower than projected. To mitigate this our “Custom WL Calc” can be used in conjunction with the Motus Sleeve to project torque more accurately. Using the Motus Dash you can use the “Projected Torque” chart to match intensity by percentage as seen in your actual data within the Motus Dash. This typically takes you to tag the throw type daily via the Motus App to depict individual torque averages by throw type. If you have this information you can create extremely accurate projected throwing options for your athlete and assure progression appropriately within daily routines.

Step 4- Monitor Resulting A:C Ratio

Once you have executed your daily training it is important to know the projected A:C Ratio you were hoping to achieve and also what actually occurred. To determine projected A:C Ratio you can utilize the dotted line on our projected Seasonal Seasonal WL model. To accurately determine stress long term though it is important to utilize the Motus Sleeve to track daily throwing. This daily feedback can help you determine when on our progression to alter the program or increase daily throwing in accordance to our program. Seen above is an example of how via the Motus Throw app you can see daily the resulting A:C Ratio after throwing.

To complete our discussion it is important to note that working through this process daily you will get the feel for progressing and regressing daily. This program is designed to be a guide offering detailed insights to simplify the daily implementation of workload management. We recommend coaches and players schedule a planning period daily in which they review this information and interact with our Dynamic Throwing Program.


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