Unit 6 – Acute vs Chronic Workload



Chronic Workload


Chronic Workload represents the long term accumulation of daily workloads. Chronic Workload represents an athletes fitness level. Using Chronic Workload we can determine training and seasonal readiness.

Calculating Chronic Workload is simple. Chronic Workload is the average of daily workloads for the last 28 consecutive days.

This calculation written is as follows…


Seasonal readiness is approximately 15 Chronic Workload units. This value changes depending on the role of each individual athlete and the seasonal structure in which that athletes team plays.


The key take away on Chronic Workload is that is allows us to determine and track an athletes fitness level.

Using Chronic Workload units to set seasonal goals allows for program development year round and effectively allows athletes to understand the progressions needed to be at their peak come time to compete in the season.

In the next section we will discuss how we can use Acute and Chronic workloads as a Ratio called the A:C Ratio to determine when an athlete is fatigued.

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