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Since 2017 KP3 has been building some of baseballs top pitching tech and innovating some of baseballs top pitching philosophies. Taking a data forward approach Kp3 has aided players around the world and at the highest levels in reaching their best on the mound. KP3 was founded on a philosophy called “KP3” to assure arm health of the athlete is maximized while performance goals are achieved. Objectively measuring workload, strength and mechanics we can help you understand what it takes to take the next step in your career no matter what level that might be. 

Come train with us. KP3 Tampa is the place for you to learn how to become your best as a pitcher. 


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Did you know KP3 runs all of its training through its very own software “Kinnect”?
This means near or far training with KP3 is always right in the palm of your hand.
The Kinnect App is the hub for all our KP3 products such as the KP Sleeve and our very own KP Bands.

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“He struggled in his first two complete pro seasons in 2018 and 2019, totaling 174 strikeouts and 78 walks in 183 1/3 innings. But Tarnok’s career arc took an upturn after the 2020 minor-league season was canceled and he spent that summer working out intensely at KineticPro Performance, a baseball training facility near his home in Tampa.”

-The Athletic. Pitcher Freddy Tarnok is latest Braves prospect to get the call, and he’s excited”

“It didn’t just fall out of the sky, however… He worked on it like a draught horse in the off-season, devoted to the high-tech science of pitching, adopting gadgetry such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, putting in long hours at KineticPro Baseball in Tampa, alongside Nate Pearson.”

-The Star. Blue Jay Jordan Romano, heir to the sultan of squat, turned to science for the nasty slider that’s breaking his way”

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