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Utilizing advanced methodologies and technologies KineticPro Strength is able to track development objectively. We focus on long term development of your individual goals based around your current individual needs. KineticPro Strength is changing the rhetoric in the industry by bringing forth innovative philosophies and applications of technologies.

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Velocity Based Training (VBT) offers a unique opportunity for athletes to objectively assess volume management and day to day force production. To assure our athletes are on the field at their best daily we have taken a step forward to assess with real time data the progress session to session with VBT.

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“Over the offseason (3 months) KineticPro helped me increase my force output. I was able to track this change at 13.7% in the weight room and velocity increase on the mound thanks to the work KineticPro put in behind the scenes.”

-Drew S. (KineticPro Athlete)

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