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Remote training allows athletes to train from any location! We have been lucky enough over the last 4 years to train athletes remotely around the world and from levels ranging all the way to the MLB. We have built a remote community and unlike other remote programs we look to offer you more than just a program on email. With our remote staff and our KP System you can access KP’s pitching development anytime. For remote training we offer 2 packages…


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Our Training Packages Include


  • Throwing Programming (With The KP Sleeve)
  • Biomechanics Analysis (With 3MotionAi)
  • Pitch Design (With Ball Flight Data)
  • Strength and Conditioning (In The Kinnect App)
  • Nutrition Tracking (With In House Tracking Systems)
  • Educational Material (Via KOOP by KP)





Is Remote Right For You?

Come visit us in house for an assessment! 

The best way to kick off your remote training is to visit us

in Tampa FL for an assessment! With our in-house resources 

and staff you can get the most out of your remote program quicker.


  • Check out our assessment video “Why Assess In Tampa” to learn more about our in house assessment process.


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will follow up to answer any questions you have and get you scheduled.


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Learn With KOOP

Everything you need to know about pitching lives in KOOP



As a part of our remote community you will have access to 

KOOP (our athlete education platform). Take advantage of 

drill videos, biomechanics education and general content on 

everything pitching. KOOP is for or those athletes hungry to

continue to expand their knowledge of their craft. 



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