About KineticPro Performance

Founded in 2017 KineticPro Performance has been changing the game for players around the country. Based in Tampa Florida KineticPro Performance is the most innovative pitching program in the game. Pulling from the top research and data in the industry KineticPro has compiled a format that puts player development first. Athletes have a small window of time to achieve greatness in their career. We believe greatness is not exclusive to the highly talented. Rather we believe greatness can be achieved by the highly passionate, those who work relentlessly to achieve a goal or dream. The KineticPro “Player Program” is the fastest route from where you are today to your long-term goals in the game of baseball.

Taking a step away from traditional approaches to teach pitching KineticPro has paved the way for players to track true growth in training. The KineticPro “Player Data Template” allows each athlete to see trends in training progression by using raw data to show all progress towards each athlete’s individual goals. Baseball coaches have used subjective testing for far to long. KineticPro believes in showing each athlete objective proof that their training is helping them get closer to their goals day in and day out. If you are an athlete uncertain you are getting the best then let us show you the objective proof to why KineticPro has enabled so many athletes excel at the top of the game.

KineticPro provides personalized pitching solutions right to the palm of your hand. Mobile phone, tablet, and computer enabled the KineticPro “Player Program” was designed around the needs of the athlete. With a training layout detailing what to do daily KineticPro will assure that you always know your most direct path daily to progression. It’s time to stop settling for programs that don’t offer you the individuality you need. Let us show you what the most innovative pitching program in the game can do for your career.

About Kinetic Pro