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The KP Sleeve is here to change the industry. Simply stated pitch counts and innings limits are not changing the rate at which injury is occurring in todays game.

Research points to the need for technology that can help us track all throws. With the KP Sleeve tracking all throws is seamless. With all throws we can make recommendations around throwing that can actually mitigate injury risk. 

The KP Sleeve is the most advanced and user friendly throwing workload management tool on the market. Period. Experience the difference in health and performance by managing your throwing workload with the KP Sleeve. 


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The KP Sleeve Testimony 


“It didn’t just fall out of the sky, however… He worked on it like a draught horse in the off-season, devoted to the high-tech science of pitching, adopting gadgetry such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, putting in long hours at KineticPro Baseball in Tampa, alongside Nate Pearson.”

-The Star. Blue Jay Jordan Romano, heir to the sultan of squat, turned to science for the nasty slider that’s breaking his way”

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