Frequently Asked Questions

Q. KineticPro innovation

We pull our information from the best in the country. We make the promise that in all aspects of training you will receive the newest most effective training in the game. We encourage our players and affiliated teams to view us as a resource to stay ahead of the top information. Allow us to be your connect to the latest in training innovation.

Q. KineticPro Strength Training

The KineticPro player program is a full program. We believe that strength and conditioning play one of the most important roles in the true development of any throwing athlete. Our strength program is not exclusively for pitchers. If you are a position player looking to get ahead we strongly encourage you to look no further than our strength and conditioning program for the best the game has to offer.

Q. Is KineticPro only focused on velocity and health?

KineticPro is not just a velocity and health based program. We teach pitching through a philosophy that places an emphasis on the athletic development needs to reach the highest levels of baseball today. Velocity and health are points of focus but are only a part of the overall plan to help our athletes reach their goals.

Q. Can KineticPro Promise Velocity Or Health?

No. Anyone in the game that promises either of these is lying. We simply do not know enough in the baseball community to truly say there is a true universal solution to either category. However we can promise that KineticPro will provide the most effective program in the game to give our athletes a chance at obtaining both velocity and consistent health.

Q. Additional Q’s

For all additional Q’s please reach out to us through our “Contact Us” tab.