Kinnect is the official home to KineticPro's training philosophies. Kinnect is an educational platform that houses not only why we have created our approach but also showcases the research we have used to create our approach. This platform is ever expanding. As we grow so too will our detail surrounding our findings and methodologies. 

Module 1 Workload
Unit 1 Workload Intro
Unit 2 What Is Fatigue?
Unit 3 #EveryThrowCounts
Unit 4 The T3 Philosophy
Unit 5 Measuring A Single Throws Value
Unit 6 Acute vs Chronic Workload
Unit 7 A:C Ratio
Unit 8 Application Part 1. (Planning)
Unit 9 Application Part 2. (Dynamic Throwing)
Module 2 VBT (Velocity Based Training)
Unit 1 Intro
Unit 2 Understanding Fatigue
Unit 3 Integrating Technology (Load Management Systems)
Unit 4 Benefits of VBT
Unit 5 Speed Ranges
Unit 6 Methods of VBT
Unit 7 Tips For VBT (From Experience At ꓘP)
Module 3 ꓘP Bands
Unit 1 Rethinking Bands
Unit 2 Building A Dynamic Training Model
Unit 3 Building A Daily Assessment Process (The Research)
Unit 4 Building A Daily Assessment Process (The Tests)
Unit 5 Total Score (Calculating A Total Score)
Unit 6 Building An Exercise Database (Athlete Scaling)
Unit 7 Impacts Of Autoregulation
Unit 8 Case Studies To Date
Unit 9 The Future Of ꓘP Bands
Unit 10 Research Reference Page Of Module Studies
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