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KineticPro’s featured product is “KP Bands”. Putting individual needs first KP Bands have given athletes of all types the needed programming and product to stay healthy. Where many have produced universalized resistance band programs KineticPro has taken a stance on the importance of individualization. KP Bands have produced an unmatched ability to provide you the insights you need to be your best daily.

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KP Bands have been meticulously designed by our staff to meet the needs of the most challenging issues. These bands were designed all for one. These bands were designed all for YOU.

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The KineticPro athletic movement analysis is an in depth assessment of the functional movement patterns needed for each athlete to perform at their highest level. From this assessment the KineticPro staff will target each athlete’s specific physical needs through programming.


Throwing Analysis

Utilizing research supported key points of focus KineticPro throwing coaches are able to analyze and provide feedback to each individuals throwing motion during sessions.


Individualized Programming

Specific data collected from assessment is utilized by the KineticPro staff to develop individualized programming. From strength and conditioning to throwing routines the KP staff provides each athlete a fully individualized daily schedule.

Objective Data

Through a number of technology resources we are able to show players proven results in objective data. From strength training to bullpen sessions we believe in recording as much player data as possible to measure all individual player growth.



KineticPro utilizes the games top tech such as Motus Sleeve, Rapsodo, high speed cameras and Stalker radar guns. All KineticPro throwing coaches are uniquely versed in utilizing the tech to aid each players understanding of progression in training.


Innovative Training Philosophy

KineticPro offers a progressive training philosophy that meets the needs of each athlete’s seasonal training. Constantly learning the KineticPro staff brings to each athlete the very best the game has to offer.


Advanced Coaching Communications

Remote training has been developed and is presented to players in any location with advanced coaching communications. From the data template configuration to the presentation of educational documents our staff is able to stay in communication and in oversee all training from a distance.


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Visit us in Tampa FL. We have a 3600 sq ft facility designed for advanced player development. We have broken down the norm of a traditional “pitching lesson”. Bullpens and verbal cues are only a small piece of true long term pitching development. Our program centers around the individualized need of the athlete and provides long term insight by real objective data on how to most effectively reach long term goals.






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