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Finding valuable data can be time consuming and take an abundance of technological skills. With KineticPro Analytics teams today are receiving a trusted resource who can process the constant flow of data during a season. With this data we can communicate effectively suggested ways in which the data can be applied to player development. Our goal is to be your behind the scenes support team devoted to maximizing your programs success. Together we will win.

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Check out how we have helped teams protect arms, develop players and win games with analytics using technology from our partner Motus Global.

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Motus Global

Workload is one of the newest concepts to recently sweep the game at the highest levels. Our partner Motus Global is the industry leader in providing wearable technologies to track workload in throwers. The Motus Sleeve covers the depth of fatigue mitigation, long term program planning, pitching staff readiness and much more. KineticPro has utilized the Motus technologies in facility and provided results with this technologies to athletes around the world. Learn how you can keep your team at its best this year utilizing KineticPro Analytics and Motus Global technologies.






Check out how we utilize wearable technology from our partner Motus Global to change the way you approach training.For more you can check them out in our shop tab. 


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