Want to train with KP? Our staff is here to help you use industry leading strategies to reach your goals. Both online or in-facility we have athletes and teams at the highest levels of the game utilizing our training philosophies. Click here to learn more!


The Kinnect App has been developed by KineticPro to facilitate daily training. With supporting products our Kinnect App allows you to work with KineticPro near and far! 

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Kinnect EDU is a detailed educational platform for those looking to learn about some of the games highest researched topics. As an athlete, coach or parent Kinnect EDU is where you can find industry leading info and insights on philosophy, tech and so much more. 

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With individualized daily assessment and training our product, KP Bands, provides the best arm care in the game. Click here to learn more about our patent pending product KP Bands! 


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KP Bands

The games first fully dynamic resistance band training protocol. #KnowYourShoulder. KP Bands are powered by the Kinnect App from KineticPro.  

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Stay up to date with the latest KP gear and tech all from the KineticPro Shop. From beanies to limited edition T shirts we have you covered. Check it out today!

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