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Each of us have a goal. A purpose to get up and chase a dream. At KineticPro we call this pursuit “climbing”. There is a mountain that stands between all of us and our goal. Our purpose as a company is to innovate the industries that help you fight for your performance goals. The journey is never easy but together we can #ClimbTheMountain.


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Help us leave an impact on the community by donating to “The T3 Initiative”. With all donated money we will be giving back needed products to the community to help players further understand how they can give themselves the best chance to stay healthy and chase their dream to play baseball at the next level.

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Since 2017 KineticPro Performance has been developing elite baseball players from the highest levels of the game. Taking a data forward approach KineticPro has aided players around the world in reaching their best on the field. KineticPro Baseball utilizes a philosophy developed by KineticPro called “T3” to assure health of the athlete is maximized while performance goals are achieved.



Utilizing advanced methodologies and technologies KineticPro Strength is able to track development objectively. We focus on long term development of your individual goals based around your current individual needs. KineticPro Strength is changing the rhetoric in the industry by bringing forth innovative philosophies and applications of technologies.



KineticPro’s featured product is “KP Bands”. Putting individual needs first KP Bands have given athletes of all types the needed programming and product to stay healthy. Where many have produced universalized programs KineticPro has taken a stance on the importance of individualization. KP Bands have produced an unmatched ability to provide you the insights you need to be your best daily.


Finding valuable data can be time consuming and take an abundance of technological skills. With KineticPro Analytics teams today are receiving a trusted resource who can process the constant flow of data during a season. With this data we can communicate effectively suggested ways in which the data can be applied to player development. Our goal is to be your behind the scenes support team devoted to maximizing your programs success. Together we will win.

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Check out how we utilize wearable technology from our partner Motus Global to change the way you approach training.For more you can check them out in our shop tab. 


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