Workload. The Single Most Overlooked Aspect Of Arm Health P.3

In this 3 part series we will be showing you how to define, calculate and monitor workload.


P.3 Tracking Workload


In this post we are going to jump into some of the struggles players have tracking workload. We will discuss how you can measure, monitor and track throwing workload more efficiently. In our posts (P.1) and (P.2) we discussed what makes up a throwing workload and how to measure it. 

If you have not yet read P.1 and P.2 we encourage you take a moment to go back and check them out before moving forward.



Monitor every throw.

Monitoring every throw sounds like a daunting task. In a game or a team practice setting trying to monitor every throw and keeping count can become nearly impossible. 


The question you must be asking is how do we more effortlessly track workload?

Enter new age technology that is changing the game of baseball…

There has been a major need in technology that tracks this information at an affordable price for players. The wearables market has been expanding as of the last few years in baseball. With MLB teams taking a deeper look at how to protect their long term investments the information being gathered by wearables today is changing everything.  

One of the largest companies making an impact is Motus. Currently approved for in game use at all levels the Motus Sleeve offers undeniably valuable information in a format that is user friendly. You simply put the sleeve on, slide the sensor into place and go throw while the sensor collects throw by throw information. Once this information is downloaded to the Motus Throw app you are able to see your readiness for the following days to throw.

You can label the differences in bullpens, weighted ball use, long toss, pitch type and more. It truly gives you a one stop shop to understanding proper workload of all throws. Most importantly though the most notable difference in the Motus sleeve is its calculation of not RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) but objective data such as stress (NM). Determining stress objectively values each throw as it pertains to overall workload on the arm.

The Motus team has done an outstanding job developing a product that not only equips the athlete with valued information but also educates the athlete on the values of the program. Motus is paving the way in the industry showing a diverse new perspective on how to help simplify player development and player safety on the field. We highly recommend the Motus sleeve to those athletes looking to enhance their training this season.

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